Our Approach

The Conservative California Report is a publication and movement that uncovers political news that may not otherwise see the light of day. It is no secret that the main stream media's liberal bias will omitt important stories and information that doesn't fit the narative. The Conservative California Report is an alternative to the overwhelming bias in news that we see every single day.


California is our home. It's unending beauty and abundant natural resources make it among the greatest places in the world to live. Unfortunately, leadership in our state has gone by the wayside.

For many of us, California has slipped past the point of comfort. Policies put in place by the leadership over the last several decades have sent California into an almost never-ending downward spiral.

It's time to fight back. We must restore conservative values and fiscal responsibility. In order to take back our state, we must come together and let our voices be heard. The Conservative California Report will work as a unified voice and serve to shed light on California's faults and help guide California to a prosperous future.

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With your help, we can take our state back. But it takes the commitment of all of us to keep to our goal.