California lawmakers could REMOVE Trump from CA Primary Ballot

On May 2nd, California law makers in the state Senate approved a bill that, if nothing changed from now until next March, would remove President Trump from the primary ballot.

In a 27-10 vote in the California Senate, lawmakers approved a bill that would require all presidential candidates to release their tax returns for the previous 5 years. Given that President Trump, up to this point, has yet to release his tax returns, he would not be included on the March 2020 primary ballot in California under this new law.

Although the bill cleared the Senate, it still must pass through the Assembly, though few anticipate any issues. After the bill clears the Assembly, it will go to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. It should be noted that a similar bill in 2017 was veto’d by then California Governor Jerry Brown. Governor Brown also did not release his tax returns. A spokesman for Governor Newsom has states that if the bill were to reach his desk, it would be “judged on it’s own merits.”

The real question, however remains to be, who cares?

The media made a big deal about Trump not releasing his tax returns but at the end of the day, American’s collectively decided that they didn’t care and elected the real estate billionaire. This then begs the question, is this California bill an attempt to advocate for the voice of the people? Or is it purely a gesture of ill will from the Democrats of California towards President Trump?

The unintended consequences of this bill may also have reverberating effects on national voters. It seems the further the Democrats, on a national level, push the administration, the more energized the Trump base becomes. Of course that’s speculation, but it should be taken into consideration when State officials attempt to interfere with Federal policy.

What do you think?