California looks to eliminate contracts with companies that work with ICE

Just when it was thought that California couldn’t get any more “progressive,” a new proposed bill seeks to eliminate any existing or new contracts with companies that also contract with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

Under the current California Sanctuary law, it is illegal for state and local municipalities to cooperate with the Fed ICE agency. In plain terms, if an undocumented person is put under arrest and suspected of a crime, it is currently illegal for the arresting entity or any other California entity to notify ICE that such a person is in custody. President Trump and other prominent conservatives in California have decried the policy as “insane” as the law will likely make it’s way to the supreme court at some point. However, until the highest court in the land has an opportunity to rule on the matter, the law stands.

Democrat Assemblyman Rob Bonta wants to take that idea of sanctuary a step further. He has proposed “Sanctuary State Contracting and Investment Act”, which would ban companies that work with ICE to from working with the state of California. In other words, any company that delivers data or resources to the ranking federal agency on immigration will not be allowed to bid on or receive contracts from the state of California. Several opposition law makers have called this ban ‘discriminatory’ and vow to fight it when the bill is brought to a vote.

Some of the companies that would be effected by this move are completely dependent on government contracts and therefore this move could not only frighten investors but also cause some Californians to lose their jobs.

What do you think?