Gov. Newsom pushes for individual healthcare mandate/illegal immigrant coverage in CA

Governor Gavin Newsom is making his way up and down the state to promote his idea for healthcare in California, which includes a statewide reinstatement of the individual mandate and Medi-Cal expansion to illegal immigrants.

Governor Newsom’s bill is a response to the “kneecapping” that the healthcare market has taken due to the Trump administration. As if Californians weren’t already taxed to death, Newsom says that the individual mandate is necessary to stabilize the healthcare markets.

One of the most vital parts to Newsom’s plan would be forcing Californians to either buy health insurance OR pay a hefty fine. This fine is the same sort of mandate that was required as a part of Obamacare, however, it was removed as a part of the Republican tax overhaul in 2017.

Newsom is looking to tax California adults who do not have insurance an additional $695 a year, or 2.5% of their annual income, whichever is greater.

In addition to the individual mandate, Newsom is also looking to expand eligibility requirements for Medi-Cal to illegal immigrants up to age 26. Legal experts say that if this were to pass, it would almost surely face an up hill battle in the appellant system.

Overall, Governor Newsom seems to be pushing the extreme onto Californians who already pay among the highest taxes in the country.

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