Jerry Brown gives six-figure job to long time friend with no experience

Juan Pedro Gaffney is a former Bay Area choir director and old friend of California Governor Jerry Brown. Gaffney is likely well versed in musical theory and choral arrangement. However, Governor Brown thought it Gaffney would be a good fit for a job on the state Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, a position that is paid $147,778-a-year during a six-year term. The seats are also populated mostly by lawyers….

The job involves deciding whether people who they claim they were injured in the workplace should receive workers’ compensation. The board meets once a week to decide which cases to divide between themselves.

Nevertheless, good ole Jerry Brown decided that Gaffney’s qualifications as a choir director gave him the experience necessary for the highly paid and sought after position.

Gaffney said that even though he lacks the exact expertise to hear workers’ compensation cases, his “intelligence” makes him qualified for the job.

This is the second time Gaffney’s relationship with Brown helped him. Last year, he was appointed to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board. He was paid just over $25,000 a year and his position involved meeting once a month to analyze decisions made by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the Chronicle reported.

Quotes from Fox News

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