Kamala Harris interrupts Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation 13 words into the hearing…

In an attempt to be the biggest grandstander, CA senator Kamala Harris didn’t even make it through the first sentence before interrupting committee chair, Chuck Grassley, during the senate judiciary committee confirmation hearing of President Trump’s supreme court pick, Brett Kavanaugh.

Watch uninterrupted the beginning of the proceedings (for a whole 13 words) below:

Kamala Harris beat Democrat colleague Cory Booker for the chance to make headlines as the “Leader of the Resistance.” Both senators are pulling for a chance to run against President Trump in 2020. Their strategy is simple; create as much noise and controversy as possible. Democrats don’t have a mathematical shot at denying Brett Kavanaugh a seat on the supreme court, however, what they are doing is grandstanding in order to play to their base. What is sad is that Democrat leaders have convinced their base that they will ‘fight with every ounce of energy they have’ to deny Kavanaugh his seat when in reality, they don’t have a shot at taking him down. It’s literally all politics. Democrats are using the exact divisive tactics they accuse Republicans of using.

Kamala Harris is just the first to ram her way into the headlines of MSNBC and CNN but she won’t be the last. Even though Brett Kavanaugh WILL be confirmed as the next supreme court justice, they continue to lie to their base in order to bolster their own name ID.

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