Lefties Perpetuate Injustice by Continually Voting for More Entrenched Government Agencies

Compromise will be Conservatives acknowledging that injustice exists and Liberals acknowledging that the reason injustice exists is a lack of accountability.

If you lean right, let’s get on the same page. There ARE bad police officers out there. The bad apples on the force make work extremely difficult for the good cops that make up the majority of law enforcement. While we should always respect officers who serve our communities, we can not pretend there are no flaws in the system.

If you lean left, here is what you should recognize. Democrats are the party of bigger, more expansive government. They campaign on issues that necessitate more government involvement in everyday life. These ideas generally sound good, but there is a catch; the government will get bigger and consume more responsibility.

Lefties often pit their rage against big companies in the private sector. However, they forget that the government is the biggest and largest employer, and it’s not even close. There are almost 9.1 million government employees in the US. The only other employer with over a million employees is Walmart with, roughly 2.3 million. Of those 9.1 million government workers, a little over 519,000 are elected officials.

Employees of private sector companies have to answer to profits and the ability to do business. Elected officials have to answer to the voters. But who do the other 8.6 million employees of the government answer? Virtually no one.

And what happens when a government agency effectively answers to no one? It becomes complacent and only makes decisions based on the best interest of itself. It reacts selfishly rather than with necessity. It harbors ineffectiveness and stifles progress out of laziness and complication.

To use this process as an example with current implications, lets look at law enforcement. Bad cops with a laundry list of complaints filed against them are still cops. Why?

The answer has two prominent layers. First, the unions play a massive role in protecting all of its members from termination. This becomes a problem when the unions are so politically influential that any decision-maker in law enforcement is beholden to the union’s will. In other words, the county sheriff only won their election because the union backed their campaign. Now firing a bad cop against the will of the union becomes substantially more difficult.

Second, the public is often unaware of the inner workings of a law enforcement office which allows those offices to operate with little to no oversight. If a terminable complaint is filed against an officer, it’s often easier to move him around in the system than actually terminate him. While this enrages good cops that have to continue to work alongside the bad cop, it appeases the union while temporarily taking the bad cop out of a situation that could potentially cause more damage.

What we end up getting is law enforcement office leadership that prioritizes maintaining power by way of officer retention instead of doing what’s best for the community.

If and where injustice does exist, it is largely caused by how entrenched the local law enforcement office has been allowed to become under big government rule. By deductive reasoning, lefties who vote for Democrats and by default, bigger government, make eliminating injustice all the more difficult.

What do you think?