On Thursday, the Barr report of the Mueller report showed that President Donald Trump did not collude with Russians in the 2016 election.

There are several reasons why the full and complete non-redacted Mueller report could not be release but the main reason is that grand jury testimony, in the case of no indictments, can not be disclosed. Regardless of the politics of the issue, it’s in the best interest of both sides and of the American people that the Government can not disclose grand jury testimony. For example, if President Obama were under investigation (which he has been), it would only be fair that information on him personally not leak to the world if he was not indicted of a crime. If there were seemingly crimes committed and he was indicted, that is a different story. But imagine it was you. The government decides to investigate you of a crime that you didn’t commit and further decides that you were innocent. It’s hard to image that you would, even with insufficient evidence to indict you, would want just any information about you floating around out there.

This is not a difficult concept to understand, yet the “well I don’t do anything wrong, so I have nothing to hide” folks are still clamoring for the full non-redacted report. Leaders on the left aren’t helping either. California Senator Kamala Harris called the AG Barr press conference “a stunt, filled with political spin and propaganda.” She also called for Mueller to testify in front of congress. To which, those on the right responded with “…ok, fine with us.”

President Trump flashed a ‘thumbs up’ to reporters on his way to Marine One

It seems that the Democrats will stop at nothing to whip up their base, which we should point out, they’re allowed to do. However, this is slowly becoming a deep enough hole that is increasingly more difficult to climb out of. No other entity is experiencing the pain of the deepness of this hold than CNN. For the last two years, CNN has been hammering the President, waiting for the day that would ultimately doom him. But when the Mueller report found no collusion, CNN’s already dwindling audience was cut in half.

Analysts on both sides seem to be hinting to Democrat leadership to cut their losses and move onto a different topic but as of now, they haven’t taken the warning. And Republicans don’t seem to be minding it one bit.

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