Should CA Coastal Communities Declare “Sanctuary City” Status for Undocumented Beachgoers?

California Governor, Gavin Newsom is mandating that all beaches in the state, close amid frustration with the beachgoers starting this past weekend. The move has been described by a “huge overreach of power” by an unnamed Orange County official.

While California state prisons are releasing dangerous criminals onto the street to keep them from contracting COVID-19, the Governor seemingly wants to put beachgoers in prison for failure to protect themselves from COVID-19. The move comes even as COVID-19 cases and deaths don’t even come close to reaching the initial estimates that caused the freedom infringement in the first place.

Gavin Newsom sits and smiles with relative, Nancy Pelosi.

Pressure is now being put on local officials to push back against the Governor’s mandate by allowing beaches to remain open despite the demand from Gavin’s office. This would be similar to when Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Democrats defied federal immigration laws and made it illegal for law enforcement within the state to corporate with federal immigration authorities.

What do you think? Should Coastal communities in California use the same trick pulled by the Governor just months ago and declare their cities a “Sanctuary for Beachgoers?” If so, sign the petition below.

What do you think?