The California DMV has registered THOUSANDS of illegal voters

According to several news outlets as well as statements from the DMV itself, potentially thousands of non-citizens have been registered to vote in the state of California over the last several months. This is on top of the 23,000 voters registered incorrectly by the Department of Motor Vehicles; a story that broke last month.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has called for an audit of the system. However, given that the overwhelming majority of these illegally registered, non-citizen voters are likely to vote democrats, it may be fair to say that Secretary Padilla’s audit might not be as thorough as we might like. With this, the Conservative California Report has started a petition to get President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take action in the illegal voting scandal happening in California. Sign our Petition AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

The root of the problem started when the Democrat-controlled California state legislature began allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a state drivers license. Then legislation was passed that required only a drivers license in order to register to vote. See the problem? And of course, a large government agency like the DMV, who thrives on bigger, more left-leaning government, isn’t going to thoroughly inspect whether or not the person registering to vote actually a US citizen.

On top of all that, Secretary Padilla’s office, while not taking on this issue with the intensity it deserves, stated that they were not able to verify that non-citizens DIDN’T vote in the last election. Meaning… non-citizens definitely did vote.

The prevailing issue seems not to be, is there voter fraud, but instead at what frequency do non-citizens vote in our elections? Obviously, Sacramento wants to minimize the effect that voter fraud may or may not have. Democrat officials will say it is so minimal that it doesn’t matter. But those on the right are saying ‘not so fast.’ President Trump and Attorney Sessions: your move.

Below, Republican Secretary of State candidate, Mark Meuser, is at it again with his analysis of the problem.

This problem continues to get almost no attention due to the fact that this sort of problem helps the California Democrats. Why on earth would they want to solve it?


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